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Sunday, August 07, 2005

A Fresh Apple Out Of The Box

Finally i have it. It was on order for 3 weeks. It's so unbelievable that they took 3 weeks for an order from Australia. It should have been 3 days instead. Well, campusit(computer shop) sucks.

I got it since 3 of August. Since one of my friend (actually he has it too) wanna see it and asked me to post some pics of it here. Kenno my pb wouldn't look different from your pb and, in fact, mine and yours are 12". hehe Just kidding. Here are some photos.


Kenno said...

Nice photos. I'll go find the old pics I took when I just got my pb to post it too. :P

Kalyan said...

wow Apple laptop! nice! mine is crap!! =(

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