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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Childhood Favorite Movies

I've just got back from MoMo Tea (milk tea shop). I went there with friends and we spent like more than an hour sitting and talking about lots of things again just like normal hanging out. The last thing we talked about was what were our favorite movies when we were child. I thought a few seconds then I recalled this movie (The Sword in the Stone[1963]) but I couldn't recall the title of the movie. I got home and did a little googling hehe I found it. What was yours?

[Added] I was about to sleep but I recalled one cartoon as my head touched my pillow. It's a Russian cartoon, called Nu Pogodi. It is all about a Wolf and a Hare. I loved this movie so much. I watched this cartoon long before I watched the movie I mentioned above. Most of you who in the same generation as mine I mean the same age and of course you were in Cambodia at that time should know it. Just recalling it, I really wanna watch it again so bad :( Oh, I want this movie in a DVD or VCD for my birthday present heheh.

[from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Nu_pogodi_by_vjacheslav_kotenochkin.jpg]


Kalyan said...

hum..... child? age? i think wen i was a child i liked Indian movies hahahha

p+k said...

I don't know at what age heheh, it should be under 10 of age i guess. Do u know Nu Pogodi (Chor Chork Neng Tonn Say), a russian cartoon?

Kalyan said...

HUm... not sure. I guess i no only Tom and Jerry hehehehe...

oh under 10, then I think I liked Chinese ghost movies hehehe. mostly my brothers made me like all those stuff. I learned how to play many types of cards, chinese cards, fighting ninja.. hahaha.. i was such a Tomboy!

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p+k said...

Check out the link to see its picture so you will know.

Heheh really? Are you still a tomboy now?

Anonymous said...

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seserak said...

I saw that animation several times whilst I was young. Don't know its original title is Nu Podogi though.

Really liked it a lot. It was among the few animated cartoons played again and again on TVK channel through out the year( back then it was the only TV channel in cambodia). Yet I never seemed to be tired of seeing it.


That reminds me of my childhood again...

p+k said...

I didn't know the title either, just yesterday.


Kalyan said...

Oh... haha dono.. mayb, I reckon :p