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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Take a Knife and Stab Through My Heart [R18]

CAUTION: The piece of writing below is encoded to make it invisible, this is due to its graphic(unpleasant) content. You must be over 18 of age to read it. Make it visible by selecting it with your mouse.

You grab a knife tightly in your hand. Tear my shirt off. Put your other hand on my left chest to feel the beat of my heart. You've found where my heart is. Now put a cross sign on where you want to run the knife into. There you are. Hold your hand with the knife up in the air. Now, it is time. You violently drop your hand and run the knife into where you have marked. You made it. Now, you twist the knife inside of me. Yeah, it hurts. This wound will turn into a scar and it will last forever. Thanks for giving such a painful experience and good luck on your new journey.

DISCLAIMER: Never practice this to yourself or others. This (a piece of writing above) is not a real incident. It is not what you perceived, it suggests other meaning in diffrent context.

[Making the pic: I took a photo of this kitchen knife, drew a love heart shape, did a little paint job (to bring the volume to the shape), again drew the wound and a drop of blood. Finally, drew a knife shadow on the heart and put some fx, that's it.]


...: y0uR LiL SiS :... said...

Bong...life is only what you make it to be =) you can either move on slowly or stay in that position which pulls you down to the ground and at the end of the day, you ask yourself "Why am I here?" It's because you're afraid of moving on. Fear, problems and emotions hold us back. Just remember that =)

You have been hurt before but nothing came as close to this
It has made you think that there is nothing left in the world that you shall miss
What has life done to you my beloved brother?
Or better yet, what have you done to yourself?
Sitting on your chair, reminiscing on forgotten memories
Your creation of photographs simply filled with trepidation that linger
I want you to open your eyes to the important things surrounding you
Instead of depriving yourself of happiness that you deserve
Because of this incident, I look at what it has done to you
And I want to scream and tell you...GET OVER IT BRO!!! =P

Kalyan said...

wat made u come out with an idea of drawing this pic?

p+k said...

My lil sis: Sounds like a mature lady up there hehe. Well, we all know life's meant to be moving on but people have different luck. To some people, there more things that are holding them back compared to the others. You just can't blame the one who's weaker than you because they might have suffered much more, or so much that I never imagined of, than you have. But yeah, you're right sweetie. There's alot of opportunity/good things out there waiting for us. Life's like a graph. Once it touch the buttom it will somehow it goes up and once it reach the peak it will come back down again. Anyways, it's not my real story. Well, I've been through all this shit but it's not as bad as in this writing. I can say that i've meet good people more than I've meet the bads. Actually, i'm in a happy state nowaday.

Kaly: Did you read the story(the white text) yet? Well, first I started off with the title. How i came to that title hehe it was randomly picked up somewhere in my memory. It can be from the movie I watched, the song I listened, the novel i read. And then the pic is designed according the title and after that i wrote that short story by expanding the idea from the pic and the title. That's it hehe.

Kalyan said...

I read already. It's kinda weird that u suddenly came out with such an idea. Well, you're weird already haha..

Seriously, u r creative and imaginative. Good on ya! But can u write sth more pleasant next time? u wanna be happy? be pleansantly creative and positively imaginative! Just like me (J/K)! hehehhe..

Waz said...

bro, u should stop readin my space...looks like it's a bad influence on your inner self

Waz :P

p+k said...

Kaly, no worry. people are good at diff things :p

Waz, I forgot to say that your works inspire me hehehe. But normally, I read only the titles of your writings so this means my inner self is this way already so you're not to blame. No worry bro. Don't you see how happy am I these day.

Chanbopha said...

Even I know your writing means absolutely in a different context by using metaphors method, blood or bleeding is not one I want see. :D hehe. The heart you draw is deep, and the heart of yours must be proufoundly set. Glad you find that feelings:)

Spring Onion said...

there are so many ways to show how people feel inside their heart...nice picture...thank for ur comment and visiting my blog..in fact he doesn't know about this blog at all..he's gone..leave me here alone on my own..u got a nice blog!! :) hola back to me blog s.time! byebye :)