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Saturday, September 17, 2005

My Last-2-days Lyfe

Just today that I had enough sleep. I feel abit alive now. For the last 2 days, I had only 4 or 5 hours sleep only, hehe for 2 days. That sounds unhealthy, I know but I just can't help it u know. My assignment due date is chasing me but it's not all because of it. Ok, I stayed up in school lab late till like 4. I came home and hoping to sleep right away but I couldn't maybe because of the high amount of caffeine in the cafee and tea I consumed but that's all good for me though. I still could do my assignment after I got home. I continued till like 6am and I felt abit sleepy and decided to hit the bed. I was watching my ceiling for about 15 minutes or something and then I felt alsleep. Well, before falling asleep I thought I would sleep till 10 or 11am.

School Lab

I woke up and I didn't know what time it was. Well, I thought it would be around 10am. But thing is I felt like I was in the crowd of people. Actually, there were 2 of my roommates talking and shouting. They went blah blah blah. That was so freaking loud. It sounds like they were fighting but it wasn't. It's just their ways of talking to each other. Well, I don't wanna mention where are they from. That might sound racist. Why didn't I told them to shut their fking mouths up? I told them already twice and banged the on wall many times to let them know that they should shut up or keep their voices down. Well, they're not 5 years old kids. They should understand and remember it after a few notices but they just don't care at all. How disrespecful?

I was shivering under my blanket, it's not because that I was naked but it due to the lack of sleep. I grabbed my phone from the table close to my bed and looked at the time. Omg, it was just 8:00am. I tried to sleep again but I couldn't because their voices were too loud. You should know how loud it is because you know how tiring it is to stay up till 6am and I would be like sleeping like a dead man in bed no matter what is going on around me. I guess you can imagine. My heart started to pumping faster. It was racing against their voices. It's getting weaker by second. I thought I needed some help from my one of my mate from my bookshelf. I tried to get on feet and there I found Korn cd. I dropped it into my computer's cdrom drive, turned my external speakers up loud (well, I couldn't put it to the maxinum because there's another roomate to the otherside side of my room and I had to say sorry to him. But he used to tell me to do so sometimes when 2 guys make noise. that's why I did it), faced my speakers to their side, I pressed play button on the iTune5 program and there it went nice and loud. You know how Korn musik sounds like aye. It's loud and rough, so rough but I like it. I hadn't been able to play it because when I play I need to turn it loud, otherwise it's crap and I had been considering that I wasn't the only one in the apartment. But that was the time to put it on and let it rocks.

My KoRn Album

I went back to my bed and covered my self with my blanket. After a while, I felt energized, I got up and did some push-ups and still let the music go. And then they shut up or left the apartment I didn't know. Then I took a shower and changed my music to the soft one. I dressed up and left for school because I had class at 11am. My day began again.

Leaving in a student hostel can be so much fun but also it can be freaking annoying when your roommates are from HELL, they don't do their dishes just after they used them, they don't clean up the rubbish, and more importantly when they use your stuff, and left it unclean. And that is so chaotic.

Here's my suggestion for sharing the living space. Please DO respect your neighbours. Because people tend to do things that might hurt others mentally and physically and the only thing that can keep us from doing that is RESPECT. If you come or see my room, you'll know that it's stuffy and smelly and variety of things on the floor. But believe me, I DO care about sharing space. Since i've been here I only left my pot unwashed for half a day ONCE because I overcooked the food so I had to leave the pot in the water before I cleaned it. One more suggestion in the sense of sharing space, if you DON'T clean up, DON'T mess it up.



...: y0uR LiL SiS :... said...

omigosh...you were nekkie (naked) aahahhahaa jokes. anyways...Bong, here's a solution for you, when i get back tomorrow, I shall write a note and stick it on your all so when your PUD PUD flatties get back, they will for sure see it! I can be ever so nice but when people f*ck with my loved ones...they got another thing coming!!! muh f*ckerz!!! LOVE YAH THO!!!

...: y0uR LiL SiS :... said...


p+k said...

It won't work. I know how to deal with this. No worry sweetie.

Thanks alot.

Kalyan said...

oh... sounds terrible. y don u change the house then?

here, similar problems happening to me, not the noise, but the messy manner of one of my housemates. She's not too bad, she's a nice gal. I try to take things easy, so that we can live in peace. however, my other housemate, her patience is limited hehe.. Well but we all live happily together. Sometimes just take things easy. don't be too fraustrated. Calm down! ;-)

p+k said...

It's nearly end of the sememster now so i can't be borthed moving to new apartment and it's so tiring and time-consuming as well.

Kalyan said...

fair enough!