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Friday, September 09, 2005

P Sign (not Parking)

Hehe P is not for Parking ok. Last night, I could not sleep and I came up with an idea that I should had designed a sign for myself (for blog and chat display pic). Finally, I got all these prototypes. I made everything from the scratch. The P letter I designed earlier for my blog icon, as you can see in the address bar. The big one (sign), I imitate mac style but I couldn't make it look as sleek as it looks on mac hehe. For me, umm... I like the gray one (at the buttom) the most. What you think? Don't tell me you don't like all of them hehe. Put them in order of your preference and tell me which one you like the most. Oh, I almost forgot to you that P stands for my firstname and my last name. Cheers.

click on it to enlarge


Kalyan said...

I like the Orange one.

Kalyan said...

the bottom orange one

pr said...

bottom green or black on the right.

pr said...

yea...you are right. the gray one is the best. Oh...can you put a thin shinning silver frame/lining on the outside at top and right side only?

makes the whole thing looks like made of metal, silver, chrom, or platinum. looks heavy and cool.

M|O|N|G|K|O|L said...

I am kinda different.. I love the top blue cos ma fav color is blue.. :p I also agree with PR on the grey one.. It's also cool.. :)

dara said...

hello bro p+k,
nice blog.to me i like the blue one the most.coz i blue
is my favourite color.well, bro mongcool my favourite color is the same
to yours rite?
anyway, bro p+k can i link to your blog from mine?

Kenno said...

I like the green one. :)

~prinCeSs b~ said...

i like the bottom greennnnnnn one :)

p+k said...

One likes Orange.
3 like green.
the other 2 like blue.
For me, after all, I still like the grey one hehe.

PR, I try to make it as simple as possible but it has to be unique as well hehe and, plus, when it comes to sign/logo and online graphic we should has fewer flat colour as less as possible and small in size as well. Anyways, thanks for your suggesstion :)

Oh dara, Yes, u surely can.

Heheh Becky (princess b), green is always your first choice and i know it for sure :p

Thanks everyone.

carizz said...

hmmm... ok, all this talk about which one anyone likes best... r u seriously taking our advices. i mean... is this a majority thing? know what i think... i think u'd put up there the one YOU like the most not because of any of us, but because YOU decide on it. yeah, i know i'm bad... and what do you expect... it's 12:26 mn... so everyone... SUE ME!!! :) i like your blog kun. missed u lots and all our friends back in Phnom Penh. wish to see you guys anytime in the near future...

p+k said...

Hi Carizz, I always wanna hear from others, esp their comments. Majority is not always the first priority but most likely it is.

I miss you a lot too. Oh, we'll come up to Phnom Penh this November. I mean Khaine will come up from Melbourne as well. So if you can, we'll meet up. COme on, Filipine is not far from Cambodia heheh. I hope we'll see you soon ;)

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