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Monday, September 19, 2005

A Mission Statement

This is a mission statement written by my roommate, Waza. This mission is called "Panh Chod", it's a rude a word in Punjabi so I appologize for that. This post is related to "My Last-2-Days" post.


Kalyan said...

is it sticked on the wall?

Anyway, ur new logo is cool!

p+k said...

No, it's our mission plan so they can't get to know it.

My new logo? u mean the new banner? Hehehe thanks alot. It's not hard to make one by the way.

Kalyan said...

yeah, it's not hard for u, but for others like me

M|O|N|G|K|O|L said...

Is it Lulu ur name, PK?

p+k said...

It's not my name but they just called me that coz it sounds funny i guess but I don't mind at all :)

...: y0uR LiL SiS :... said...

MEANNNNN *laffs her head off* yeheyyy Bong...! Thats a cool as idea right?? mwahahhaha...dem sto0pd b1tches will suffer nowwwwww!!! ahahahahaha...pood pood pood pood pood pood pood pood mwahhahah...panh chod!